Josra Tool stack

Continuous Delivery (CoDe) and DevOps as the uniting factors. Continuous Delivery is like a credo for us - DevOps runs in our veins.

Currently the tools in the JOSRA tool stack all have some kind of relation to CoDe and DevOps. It includes:

  • Jenkins CI - the world famous automation platform (Open Source Community version)
  • Matrix Reloaded plugin for Jenkins CI (Sony)
  • ClearCase UCM plugin for Jenkins CI (Grundfos, Jaguar Land Rover, Novo Nordisk, Syntigo)
  • Pretested integration plugin for Jenkins CI (Atmel)
  • Config Rotator plugin for Jenkins CI (Grundfos)
  • MemoryMap plugin for Jenkins (Yxlon, MAN Diesel & Turbo)
  • Logging plugin for Jenkins CI (Praqma)
  • PRQA plugin for Jenkins CI (Programming Research)
  • Accelerated ClearCase - a set of generic perl triggers (Novo Nordisk, Grundfos, ATP, Siemens)
  • COOL - the Clearcase Oriented Open Library (Grundfos, Novo Nordisk)
  • …even a handful more Jenkins CI plugins and pile of other solutions, made available at Praqma’s profile on GitHub

As a rule of thumb; Any solution funded by one of the JOSRA alliance member enters into the JOSRA tool stack and will be continuously maintained and developed going forward.