PAC for Jira
Minimum scope:   40 hrs
Cryptera:        13 hrs
Josra Pot:       27 hrs
Status:          In progress

Contribute to PAC for Jira

Goal statement

The overall goal of this work is to extend PAC to support Jira and enable concurrent task systems, to extract information from several task systems within the same commit..

Furthermore we will support changelog reports based on templates to easily customize the changelog reports.

Suggested solution

The solution and implementation will include:

  • Improved design and extended data model within PAC core to support new features.
  • Supporting more than one concurrent task system. Requires a different format for the configuration file for PAC.
  • Implement a templating engine for changelog reports. To make future extensions simply a matter of ‘plugging it in’.
  • Add the PAC task plugin that supports Jira integration.

We will utilize Liquid: This is a powerful template language, which we already have experience in using from the Jekyll websites we’ve published the past few years. Liquid will eventually allow users to design and include their own stylesheets for their reports.

During the work we will utilize Rake (ruby-make) when executing tests. Introducing Rake, will essentially help us automated the build and verification pipeline for this project.

Estimated workload

The estimated workload for this task is 40 hours. This includes features, more unit tests and, functional tests and necessary refactoring and documentation on using new features.


The work will be delivered to the master branch on the following repository the release will be tagged with a new major version number (2.0.0) .

The delivery is considered completed when the new templates have been tested with functional tests and adequate unit testing that touches the major areas of the new code which leaves us confident that the code works as intended.