Code metrics visualization POC
Minimum scope:   40 hrs
Josra Pot:        0 hrs
Status:          Needs funding

Contribute to Code metrics visualization POC

Goal statement

The overall goal of this work is to create a tool for generating html visualizations of code metrics. As a proof-of-concept, the first visualization would be to create treemap graphs of csv data like in this example:

Code complexity metrics for git

Here are the main requirements:

Input file: a csv file containing filepath, LOC, metric.

Example complexity metrics file:


The output graph will have the following characteristics:

  • The smallest boxes in the treemap represents single files
  • The size of a file box represents its size in term of lines of code (i.e. big files are displayed larger than small files)
  • The files are organized into folder boxes
  • You can ‘drill-down’ into a particular directory
  • You can specify color ranges for the metric display

Suggested solution

The solution and implementation will include:

  • A program to generate the correct html/javascript page for a given csv file
  • The output will be suitable for static websites and for publishing in jenkins
  • Usage documentation
  • Unit tests
  • A continuous delivery pipeline for the software

Estimated workload

The estimated workload for this task is 40 hours.


A working program, complete with usage documentation and tests.