The Josra News Channel

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This channel is used to publish communication aimed (but not exclusive) for the Josra members. The type of information you’ll get is:

  • Announing Statement of Work
  • Announcing new blog posts
  • Announcing gatherings
  • Announcing free or discounted access to CoDe-conferences


Go to the Josra News Archive and see what’s been sent on this channel in the past.

Can I join - even if I’m not a member of Josra?

Yes! …and you should!

Actually if your interested in Josra, but not yet signed up, then reading the Josra News Channel will give you a pretty good idea of what it means to be a member: You’ll be following all the work as an observer - until you become so envy on the privileged insiders - that you decide to join.

Tag along - your are more than welcome!