Josra Status

Josra Stats

The graph above show some basic stats about how the alliance members get value for their membership fees. You should read the graph as follows:

Pot Hours (blue)

This is the amount of pot work hours available per month. Essentially it reflects the workload made possible by membership fees plus additional contributions.

The blue line reflects the accumulated member commitment

Pot Work (red)

This is the amount of work actually delivered, related to the pot. So these er the effective hours of real software development leading to actual commits and releases of running software.

The red line shows the activity in the Praqma CoDer sweat shop

Non-pot hours (orange)

The non-pot work is everything not included in the red graph. That means facilitation, administration, project management, R&D, planning and execution of gatherings. This kind of work is showed as the non-pot work - it’s work that’s included in your membership fee, but doesn’t directly contribute to an actual release of some piece of running software.

The orange line shows how much work Praqma throws into the alliance - on top of everything else

Pot balance (green)

The pot balance is simply the pot hours minus the pot work. The balance shows if Praqma is under-committing (positive numbers) or over-delivering (negative numbers).

When the green line is below zero the alliance members get more than they paid for

Pot Status (purple)

This is basically the same graph as the green Pot balance except for the condition that it will never drop below zero. It’s the alliance members guarantee that the alliance never owes Praqma anything. When we’re over-delivering it’s because we want to.

Purple line can never drop below zero - the alliance never has debts to Praqma