Josra what's included?

The membership fee per corporation is initially set to 7,000 EUR per year.

As listed in the included section, the membership - among other benefits - entitles you to up to 40 hours of support or development per year - only requirement is that the work is contributing to the tools in JOSRA’s tools stack.

Early adaptors are rewarded!

The 7K€/Y:) is a discounted rate that we will guarantee the first 20 members who join the alliance.

As an alliance member you get:

  • 40 hours of support or development cases served by Open Source experts at Praqma - only requirement is that the work is contributing to the tools in JOSRA’s tools stack..
  • Praqma’s leadership and project management on the development of new features and fixes.
  • Praqma’s leadership, coordination and facilitation of the JOSRA alliance activities and initiatives.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the tools in the JOSRA tool stack.
  • Access to a yearly 1-day JOSRA alliance meet-up/hackaton where the roadmaps in the JOSRA tools stack are discussed for one year ahead.
  • The interships that Praqma is hosting and tutoring for master, bachelor and PA students within computer science are all directed towards generating some kind of benefit to the tools selected by JOSRA either by features, fixes or completely new ideas.
  • Join the yearly JOSRA meet-up, send two participants.

Yearly meet-up

Up to two named persons in each corporation, will be set as contact and will be invited to the annual meet-up at no additional cost. During our meet-ups we will strive to reach roadmap decisions by consensus, but in the event that a majority vote is required on a subject, each corporation will be allowed to cast two votes.

Any person representing a member corporation can request membership to the JOSRA trello Organization and gain access to the roadmap boards as well as request membership of the JOSRA group on LinkedIn.

More meet-ups - more benefits

Praqma is passionate about facilitating knowledge sharing and organizing meet-ups. We are hosting and coordinate the Jenkins CI community events in Northern Europe, both the conference held at the University of Copenhagen and the Jenkins CI code camp. We run the Continuous Delivery user group CoDe:U which gathers several times every year and in October 2014 we hosted and coordinated a large Continuous Delivery Conference at Hotel Marriot in the heart of Copenhagen.

As a Josra alliance member you will be offered exclusive benefits to all our events such as VIP passes, discounted admissions, favorable sponsorship packages or opportunities to speak and present.