Josra 3nd gathering

Copenhagen, October 8th 2015
In Conjunction with the CoDeCPH Conference


Praqma Copenhagen Office
Entrance through the back yard
Street address is Borgergade 24B, 1300 CPH K

The meeting is free of charge, but limited to Josra members - registration is required.


The members of the Joint Open Source Roadmap Alliance are meeting for the 3rd time to conspire about the joint roadmap of the various projects that we have going

Every member is encouraged to send two representatives to the gathering

Program for the day

The Program is preliminary - input from attendees is very welcome - mail any suggestions to the facilitator Lars Kruse.

 8:30 Registration

      Coffee and Crossaints for early birds.
      Come early and mingle.

09:30 Jump start

      Brief introductions from all participants.
      Collect topics for afternoon's open

10:30 Status on ongoing work and initiatives

      A "this is where your money was spent"

      Status on budget, backlog, pipeline a

11:30 Going forward

      After roughly a year we are now starting
      to build important experience on how to run
      JOSRA on a daily basis between gatherings,
      and we'd like to present a suggestion to
      what we believe is the most effecient way
      of working fore everyone.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Reassemble

      Open discussions. Based on topics elicited
      during the morning's introductions.

      Potentially split up in smaller groups of
      interest if necessary.

      Discuss road maps and visions for the
      various areas, research and technologies.

15:00 Wrap-up

      Conclusions and action points

15:30 Heading home.

If anybody want’s to go for a bite of food before the journey home, we will gladly set it up.

Due to the dense program for the day, we will share information and ideas in advance. So prepare yourself for a bit (not a lot) of home work reading prior to the meeting.

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