Josra 2nd gathering

Gothenburg, June 17th 2015
on the topic:
Migration from bespoke SCM to Git
Joint solution for Josra members


Volvo Truck corporation
Entrance through the B-Gate
Street address is Gropegårdsgatan

The meeting is limited to 14 persons.


The members of the Joint Open Source Roadmap Alliance who are working in bespoke IBM SCM systems (ClearCase, CM Synergy) gathers to explore common ground for collaboration when migrating or bridging to Git

On initiative from Grundfos and Volvo, Praqma is facilitating a full day workshop and unconference in which we will try to establish common ground for a joint effort in developing tools, support and techniques for migrating from centralized SCM systems to Distributed VCS systems such as Git.

We’re encouraging more Josra members to join the gathering.

The Git processes and workflow and comparable migrations from Subversion are well established elsewhere in context of Josra members: Atmel, Novelda and Yxlon International.

We will discuss how it is possible to become part of the same automated git flow and what strategies can be used to either migrate or bridge ClearCase or CM Synergy to make a smooth transition.

Program for the day

The Program is preliminary - input from attendees is very welcome - mail any suggestions to the facilitator Lars Kruse.

10:00 Meet at Volvo

      Brief introductions

      Discuss migration strategies based on experiences
      and known technologies. Outline a possible joint

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Reassemble

      Discuss experiences with the Josra Git flow and the
      Outline a possible joint strategy for features.

14:00 Wrap-up

      Conclusions and action points

14:30 Heading home.

If anybody want’s to go for a bite of food before the journey home, we will gladly set it up.

Due to the dense program for the day, we will share information and ideas in advance. So prepare yourself for a bit (not a lot) of home work reading prior to the meeting.

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