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By:  Mads Nielsen & Lars Kruse  
On: Wednesday, September 23. 2015

PAC - supports "none"

The Praqmatic Automated Change log (PAC) generates a change log based on the task references found in commits. The change log can be populated with data from your task management system such as status, titel and a special release note attributes.

PAC is designed to be an integrated part of your continuous delivery pipeline and the change log becomes a valuable artifact that documents changes between releases like a manifest.

It is simply executed with two commits as parameters; PAC then compiles the accumulated list of commits in the span and for each of them traces back to the task in the task management system where it captures task attributes and descriptions and adds the information to the final change report.

New features

PAC was recently released with the feature that allows it to generate the report solely based in information natively available in Git - without any integration to a task management system at all.

PAC is written in Ruby and often used for within a Jenkins job. This required Ruby to be installed on the Jenkins slave which seemed a bit impractical. Therefore, in the same release, we increased the PAC availability, simply through providing a Docker image that wraps all the setup needed to run PAC.

The total compliance list of PAC now includes


  • Git
  • Mercurial

Task Management Systems

  • Trac
  • Fogbugz
  • None (uses the commit message)

For a detailed list of all features and fixes that was recently, release have a look at Rel 0.9.1 and Rel 1.0.0.