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By:  Lars Kruse  
On: Friday, October 02. 2015

Josra + Academia

Praqma hosts master thesis student to do research in a rare collaboration between Josra and IT Universitet in copenhagen

Tracability continues to be one of the really hard nuts to crack within the computer science indutry - Praqma now kicks off the third attempt a valuable contribution in this field. This time in collaboration with Josra members and academia

At the 2nd Josra gathering hosted by Volvo in Gothenburg we discussed the possibility to implement some truly ambitious traceability in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline that could support the industry in being compliant with Automotive directives, FDA regulatory, Solvency II, ISO standards and the like.

1st attempt on this was a few year back when Praqma investigated the possibilities to host a PhD in this field together with DIKU (Computer Science Dept. University of CPH). However due to financing we regrettably had to cease those plans.

2nd attempt was when we actually hosted a Master thesis student on a light-weight variant of the problem. Lessons was learned, but no running code was actually released from this project.

But at the 2nd Josra gathering both Volvo and Grundfos, two of the first-mover members of Josra, stated that they would really like to support such an initiative and we started looking out for interns, thesis students etc. to get hooked on this.

We’re happy and proud to announce that we’ve come to an agreement with Sofus Albertsen, who will be finishing his Master thesis starting in January, and his tutor Thomas Hildebrandt who’s an associate professor at IT University of Copenhagen (ITU).

Thomas has been researching in fields highly relevant for our cause. a quote from his Biography says that his areas of research is:

Process languages and techniques for the engineering of workflow and business process management systems supporting flexible, adaptive, distributed and mobile processes

Sofus is currently working as adjunct assisting professor and teaching practical computing and configuration management to AP-level and Bachelor students at CPH Business academy.

Thomas and Sofus will join us at the 3rd Gathering in CPH, and give an inspirational lightning talk and present themselves, prior to the Open Space discussions in the afternoon.


The ambition is to create and Open Sourced technology (Code name: “Tracey”) that overcomes the problem that different stages of the software development process produces various artifacts. These artifacts must be traced - often in quite complex structures. The artifacts derive from different tools which all claim ownership. The Tracey project will create an Open Source platform, that can integrate with tools through plugins and support queries, reporting, trigger automated traces, maintain matrices and audit trails etc.

Theoretical resources on the topic of traceability: