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By:  Lars Kruse  
On: Saturday, August 03. 2013

Continuous Delivery Users

CoDe:U is a professionally driven user group. It’s an alliance for people within the software industry who are interested or engaged in the principles of Continuous Delivery and who wants to share their experiences, worries, challenges and successes and to learn from each other.

A Plain Vanilla User Group

The complexity that surrounds Continuous Delivery is quite overwhelming and for most companies Continuous Delivery is not just a matter of introducing new tools in the tool-stack and learn how to use them correctly. It’s a cultural and organization change that shows it’s mark on almost every discipline within software development: Build, test, quality assurance, deployment, release, system architecture, management etc.

CoDe:U is a an alliance network and a forum for discussing all topics that are related to Continuous Delivery. We’re connected through the LinkedIn Group “Contiuous Delivery Users” and through meetups. We have at least 4 meetings during the year. Typically during a meeting there will be facilitated discussions, guest speakers and one or two featured members who presents topics from their own home court to inspire - or to get inspiration form - the group.

Local Meetups

The meetings are organized in collaboration with the members and the venue switch between meetings, sometimes hosted by one of the members and othe times in rented facilities. The idea is that there will be a meeting near you - where ever you are.

Praqma is also hosting short 1-2 hours seminars every month at the office Praqmaplex in Allerød, Denmark. These meeting are typically less formal and take place just after working hours. We serve a cold beer and pizza slices during the meetings. The topics at these short seminars are most often relevant for CoDe:U as well.

If other members would like to host such short, less formal meetups Praqma will support and help organize it.

Who Shall Attend?

The implementation of Continuous Delivery affects both software developers, build- and configuration managers, testers, IT-departments, project managers, DevOps, product owners, R&D managers, system architechts - and even more roles. But it’s obvious, that these different groups are so diverse, that sometimes communication challenges seems to be the most apparent challenges of all, when it comes to setting up an effecient well-greased Continuous Delivery pipeline.

We claim that CoDe:U is for everybody involved in Continuous Delivery. This is where you will find the ammo for creating an attractive business case for Continuous Delivery with the shortest return of investment possible. And this is where you’ll learn to utilize the different tools in the tool stack to their full potential. This is where different view-points representing different groups will be interpreted and elaborated to bring insight and enlightenment to everyone.

What Does It Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to become a member of the user group (just apply for membership to the LinkedIn group). When we do occasionally meet in real life - Away From Keyboard - there will be a registration fee that covers the expenses of the venue and the catering, but that’s it, nothing else. This is no-one’s business, it’s a user group!

It is our sincere hope, that you will welcome this initiative, and that you will appreciate it simply by joining the LinkedIn Group. The next thing you should do is then to participate: Come to the meetings, start discussions on the topic in the LinkedIn group, comment the posts of others.

Someday we will meet!